Saturday, 11 July 2009


What's your favourite makeup look?
I really love smokey eyes. My favourite colours to do are the classical smokey greys.

What part of your body do you love?
I quite like my eyes because they are green and are exactly the same as my mums, and i used to hate my mouth because i thought my lips were weirdly shaped but i have grown to like it!

Who is your beauty icon?
Has to be Angelina Jolie. That woman looks flawless all the time. When she goes out to premieres, her makeup is so subtle but still looks amazing!

What beauty products make you feel instantly sexy?
Probably would have to be mascara. Even if you don't wear any other makeup products, mascara totally changes your face. It opens up your eyes and makes you look so much more awake.

How do you look after your skin?
I have a very good skincare routine that i am very strict about! The product that i swear by is the Bare Essentials Night Time Revival Treatment. It has made such a huge difference to my skin and i don't know what i did before it!

What is your signature scent?
I think it's either Juicy Couture or Chloe. I love them both.

What are your hair care secrets?
I don't use too many different products on my hair, and i don't use too much heat.

How do you pamper yourself?
I have a nice long bath with Lush products, and then do a face mask and do my nails.

What is your beauty pet peeve?
It drives me crazy when i go into a makeup store like MAC or Sephora and the girls working there have the worst makeup ever on their faces! Do they even know how to do makeup or know anything about it??! I always steer well clear of them, if they can't do their own makeup well, do they really think i want them to be doing mine?!

What would be your desert island must haves?
Waterproof mascara, sunscreen, lip balm, and shampoo + conditioner! Might as well make use of that ocean!

Finally, do you have a beauty philosophy?
Wear whatever makeup that makes you happy, and only wear it for yourself, and not to please others.

I got this idea from my Friend Sarah's blog, and i hope you enjoyed it. :)


  1. Yeah I know what you mean with going to makeup stores and the girls who work there have horrible makeup and they know less about products than me :D

    So yeah it's kinda crazy. My mom went to Sephora in France and she had a note from me which said Shu Uemura Eyelash curler and she showed that to the lady who worked there. But the lady gave her Sephora eylashcurler...
    So yeah my mom came back and gave me the wrong eyelash curler!

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