Thursday, 9 July 2009

In and Out #1

This is maybe my favourite part of reading other peoples blogs. I love to see what people are loving and hating in life. So i decided to make it a regular thing on mine!


1) New York- I think it's safe to say this is my favourite city in the world! Me and my mum have decided that we are going back next year, and I am sooo excited. OK, I know it's still more than a year away, but when there is something like this to look forward to, doesn't life seem so much happier? :)

2) Redecorating- I am painting my room this weekend and it's going to be so pretty! I am doing one wall red, and the other 3 white. Then putting alot of black and silver accessories in. Change is always good!

3) Colder weather- The lack of air conditioning this past fortnight nearly killed me! It was uncomfortable to say the least! So I am probably one of very few people who are so glad that the clouds and rain are back.

4)Harry Potter- I am one of the biggest Harry Potter fans! And I have been looking forward to this film since it was due to come out last November! OK.. well maybe not that long, but i still can't wait!


1) MAC collections- I am still not that impressed by the collections from MAC. I haven't got excited about a collection properly since Hello Kitty came out! Pull it together MAC! Although saying that.. I'm still going tomorrow to buy stuff from Naked Honey and Colour Craft!!

2) Driving Lessons- So finally I'm taking my driving lessons, and I honestly wish I could drive already! I'm finding them quite difficult, and my legs are killing me after each lesson! :(

3) No heat hair challenge- I decided to try Lollipop26's idea of not using heat on my hair for as long as possible. So no hair dryer, no straightener, etc. Well.. that lasted until i next washed my hair! :( I gave in. I fail.

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  1. hey clare! oh, i'm so happy you've started a blog! i just started one too and i'm already in love with blogging! :) aww that's so exciting about nyc! have you ever been to boston? i live there and love it! :) xx mel