Sunday, 14 March 2010

Lovely things for sale!!

Hello lovelies!

I have decided to take the brave step of doing my very own blog sale! Eeek! I did a sale on Twitter last week which was fun, so hopefully this should all go smoothly! .. It bloody better go smoothly seeing as i have spent about 4 hours trying to do this! Turns out i'm really not very good at blogging. :(

So i will get the boring stuff out of the way 1st..

♥Paypal only.

♥P&P will cost an extra £1.50 and i will post them out 1st class.

♥No returns please!

I will make offers on multiple items bought together. :)

I know the quality of the pictures isn't the best, unfortunately my camera doesn't do close ups very well, so if you want to see anything in more detail, just let me know and i will post a picture to twitter from my BB.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me. :)

Ok, so enough of all that! Lets GO!.....

♥L'Oreal HIP e/s duo in Wicked♥ :Used once. Price: £4.

♥L'Oreal HIP e/s in Spirited♥ :Used once. Price: £4.

♥L'Oreal HIP e/s in Saucy♥ :Used once. Price: £4.

♥L'Oreal HIP e/s duo in Dynamic♥ :One side used once, other side only swatched. Price: £4.

♥Revlon Colorstay e/s quad in Sunrise, Sunset♥ :Never used, except one color swatched once. Price: £5.

♥Illamasqua Pure Pigment in Tingle♥ :Used once. Price: £6.

♥MAC Mineralize e/s trio in Inter-View♥: Never used, just swatched. Price: £7.SOLD

♥BarryM Super Soft Eye Crayon in No.4♥ :Used once. Price: £3.

♥BarryM Super Soft Eye Crayon in No.2♥ :Used once. Price: £3.

♥Laura Geller Lip Strip♥ :Used 2-3 times. Price: £4.50.

♥Avon Glazewear Extreme lipgloss in Pale Pink Shine♥ :Never opened, still in packaging. (Shown with one i own). Price: £3.

♥Avon Glazewear Extreme lipgloss in Pink Shine♥ : Used once. Price: £3.

♥Avon Colortrend lipgloss in Angel♥ : Used 1-2 times. Price £3.

♥No.7 Moisture Drench lipstick in Pink Lemonade♥ : Used 2-3 times. Price: £4.

♥Gosh Velvet Touch lipstick in Darling♥ : Used 1-2 times. Price: £3.50.

♥Benefit Dallas Powder♥ : Used once, swatched once. Price: £15.SOLD

Thank you! Hope you see something you like!
Clare xoxo

Sunday, 28 February 2010

Alice In Wonderland Mania!!

So as i'm sure you all know, Tim Burtons' Alice In Wonderland film will be out on March 5th! I am SO excited! I'm not really usually a cinema 'goer' but i am seriously considering going to see this!

It's safe to say the world suddenly seems to have gone Alice crazy! Alice in Wonderland has become the coolest Disney film, and Alice herself seems to have become some sort of fashion icon.

I decided to go on an Alice hunt to find the cutest Wonderland goodies i could.....

The first thing i found was when I was looking through a magazine this week, and saw a link to a website that sells only Wonderland stuff. It's and they have really cute little Alice earrings and trinket boxes.

Also on my hunt for all things Alice, i found a gorgeous necklace from

It's a Mad Hatter necklace by Disney Couture. Costing £30. I really want this!! They also have amazing tshirts!

Last but by no means least there is of course the Urban Decay Alice palette. They are sold exclusively at Debenhams, so I zoomed down asap to get one, and i love it! I have even decided that i like Urban Decay eyeshadows more than my MAC ones. They are so much easier to blend and have the same great pigmentation. :)

Have you gone Alice crazy as well? If so, what goodies have you bought?


P.s: One last thing.. I got a VHS tape of Alice In Wonderland when I was 2. It was my first ever video and I drove my mum crazy by watching it over and over again. Now exactly 20 years later, I think the same thing might just be happening again.....

Saturday, 27 February 2010

Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub Review

Hey lovelies,

So i decided to stop ignoring my blog and finally do something to it. And what better to do than a Lush review? :)

The first review i am going to do is on the Bubblegum Lip Scrub. This product is brand new and came over from Lush's sister company B.

B was a makeup/ beauty website that closed down, although i think you can still get some half price stuff. If you go to Lush's website there is a link to B, so you can see for yourself. :)

The first thing you notice when you open the little pot of lip scrub is the AMAZING scent it has. It's actually the same scent as Snow Fairy.

And the best part is that it actually tastes pretty damn good if you get it in your mouth! Not that i encourage eating it... i did..

it made me feel sick. lol But if used properly it's lovely. I'm not sure how well it helped my poor little chapped lips but if nothing else i will use it for the taste. ;)

It costs £4.50, which is a bit much i think for a lip scrub, but that wasn't going to stop me buying some Snow Fairy flavoured sugar to snack on. :)

Did you buy this, or eithe rof the other two? What do you think of it? Have you tried eating it yet? :)